Post No.3 — Everyone’s Favorite Birthday Boy

I’ve never been the biggest on the whole birthday thing. I don’t usually ask for tons of things or want huge parties thrown. What I usually want is to just hang out with my friends and have fun. For the first time in my life, my birthday was to be spent abroad, in a country with a language  of which my comprehension level is (on a good day) maybe equal to that of a Spanish fourth grader, with 20 or so people I have known for three days. Not my ideal birthday, and that was tough for me.

I tried to keep my birthday very much on the low down and I was successful until about the third minute of my day in International House. Someone had found out it was my birthday on Facebook, starting a chain of “Oh my gosh! I totally did not know it was your birthday! Ah! Happy Birthday or Feliz Cumpleaños as they say ha ha!”

I know you didn’t know, I was trying to keep it that way.

Yes. That it is how they say it in Spain, a Spanish speaking country.

But I said “thank you” nonetheless, because that’s the kind of guy I am.

I will say it was nice to have some gelato on Northeastern (Thank you, Carlene. I know you read these so I promise I’m not mad at you), and for everyone to tell me happy birthday. We were also given a tour of some of the buildings that Gaudi helped create, something that I loved.

When I got back to the homestay, I prepared myself for a nice, quite night to relax for my birthday, and thankfully I was able to achieve that, even though most my classmates couldn’t even begin to understand that I just wanted to relax on my birthday. But, this couldn’t come before Marisa brought me some cake roll thingy with a candle in it and sang to me. Someone tipped her off too.

My birthday cover was blown. Totally. Gracias, España.


2 thoughts on “Post No.3 — Everyone’s Favorite Birthday Boy

  1. GINAtheLATINA says:

    We are so different haha… last year, I celebrated my half birthday in Spain! I’m over here in the USA jealous that your REAL birthday was actually in Spain. Happy Birthday, Ethan!

    PS- my half birthday is May 13 😉 It just past.


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