Post No.13 — Entitled: Young Men España

Me rolling out of Spain.

The Thunderdome has become my home. We are the men of Cuatro Cuatro. No one messes with the Men’s Department.

And on this second to last night in Madrid and Spain, we rocked the country like only the boys could: the whole night falling apart in front of our eyes.

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Post No.11 — Sunday Funday

Fresh off a fantastic day in Toledo, I was pumped to finally get a little more of Spain for today. We’ve all just been working really hard on all of our stories and whatnot and (to me at least) I feel like for some reason we haven’t gotten to see as much of Madrid as we did Barcelona. But after Toledo, I felt like I was on a roll and I got myself all psyched up to go to El Rastro, Europe’s largest flea market, today. But. Yes then came the “but”.

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